All-In-One to Grade 5

Music Theory Work Book

A RADICALLY NEW TEACHING APPROACH which dispenses with the usual rote learning and instead exposes simple rules and patterns, enabling students to work things out for themselves. Provides an in depth knowledge of music theory with minimal effort!

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All-In-One to Grade 5 Music Theory Work Book

A RADICALLY NEW TEACHING APPROACH which dispenses with the usual rote learning and instead exposes simple rules

Answer Booklet

Contains answers to All-In-One to Grade 5 (2nd edition) and the TG Supplement Booklet

Trinity Guildhall Supplement Booklet

The Trinity Guildhall Supplement booklet belongs to the All-In-One series and is designed to be used by Trinity Guildhall Students along-side All-In-One to Grade 5 Music Theory Book

Grade 1 Music Theory Revision Booklets

'Grade 1 Music Theory: Revision' booklet covers the basics. This booklet will test your understanding of clefs, sharps and flats, the major scale and its key signatures, note and rest values, time signatures, beaming tails, tied notes and more.

Grade 2 Music Theory Revision Booklets

Grade Two Music Theory is an easy step up from Grade One Music Theory. The range of notes and rhythms you'll need to be able to understand is just a little wider. There are a handful of new time signatures, further rules about beaming tails and also rules to remember about

Grade 3 Music Theory Revision Booklets

Grade Three builds up on all the knowledge you learnt at Grade Two. There are more key signatures, compound time signatures are introduced and musical intervals are analysed in more depth - with a technical name as well as a number.

Grade 4 Music Theory Revision Booklets

Grade 4 music theory introduces the alto clef, duplets, technical note names, double sharps and flats, ornaments, voices in score and more.

Grade 5 Music Theory Revision Booklets

Grade 5 Music Theory: Revision' booklet provides practice for topics covered in the Grade 5 exam syllabus (Associated Board and Trinity Guildhall) and assumes knowledge of all previous grades.


"...Really excellent material"... "Presented quite differently from most other music theory books".. "Good psychology to encourage and inspire"......"The book is always clear, with concise language so that pupils of any age should be able to work through it with minimum dependence on the teacher." "Lots of puzzles and games" ..."Note recognition is mostly done through a story in which words are depicted in notation and have to be deciphered for the sense of the story to be revealed - an imaginative touch"... "Pattern recognition...[to] help faster note reading".... "Crosswords, anagrams and stories using Italian and French words [performance directions] are really excellent material for making the learning of musical terms enjoyable and successful.The book is worth every penny just for this section alone") Rhinegold Music Teacher magazine Feb 2009).

"... written in a clear and inviting manner which should appeal to all ages other than the very young... extremely thorough; also entertaining enough to encourage all but the most obstinate.... Even when all the many exercises are completed, it is not a book to be thrown away as we frequently dispose of other completed exercise books.It will remain as an excellent source of reference and one which I can warmly recommend". EPTA review (in piano Professional), Spring 2011.

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