All-In-One To Grade 5 Music Theory, 3rd edition


A fast track from Beginner to Grade 5 music theory (278 Pages) by Rachel Billings.
– NEW THIRD EDITION (belongs to the All-In-One Series)

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All-In-One To Grade 5 Music Theory, 3rd edition

Quick Overview of Grade 5

Beginner to Grade 5 music theory (278 Pages) by Rachel Billings.

– NEW THIRD EDITION (belongs to the All-In-One Series)

Grade 5 Details

All-In-One…and ONE for all! For every musician, young or old.

All-In-One to Grade 5 is a concise, yet fully comprehensive, step-by step explanation of music theory from beginner to Grade 5 for both Associated Board (suitable for ABRSM 2018 syllabus) and Trinity College London students. ABRSM students will need no further material however Trinity students require the short (26 page) ‘Trinity Supplement’ booklet (available on our website here) to use alongside this book . Appeals to a wide age range from young a child to adult, pianist and instrumentalist alike. A valuable fast-track to grade 5 music theory required by exam boards, colleges and universities. Covers all topics found in the new ABRSM 2018 syllabus (and more besides).

A RADICALLY NEW TEACHING APPROACH which keeps text minimal and dispenses with the usual rote learning. All-In-One music theory exposes simple rules and patterns, enabling students to work things out for themselves, providing an in depth knowledge of music theory with minimal effort. Frees up valuable lesson time for the instrumental work it supports.

  • VISUAL – easy to learn and remember Most illustrations reinforce concepts learnt rather than being merely decorative
  •  INTEGRATED…yet progressive, exploring patterns across the grades ‘All-In-One…is presented quite differently from most other theory books…an integrated scheme of work…as opposed to small chunks of info which will hopefully click together like lego bricks’ Rhinegold
  • COMPREHENSIVE AND IN DEPTH (‘extremely thorough’ EPTA) with graded checklists for both ABRSM and Trinity College London students

Contains fun and highly original games which appeal to students of every age and clear explanation ‘why’ rules and conventions exist (not just what). Please note that this book is both an explanation, workbook and reference book in one handy manual, containing all the practice material you need (some other music theory books do not contain practice material). All-In-One music theory is self-explanatory and easy to understand. Complete without the need of a teacher!

The third edition contains significant improvements (for much more detail about the difference between the editions see  Differences-between-2nd-and-3rd-editions-of-All-In-One-to-Grade-5-.pdf

‘The most recent edition (THIRD EDITION) features further simplification throughout the book, making it even more accessible to the young beginner and more suitable for students taking the individual grades en route to grade 5 without, most crucially, losing All-In-One’s integrated approach.’ (Quoted from preface page)

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