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All-In-One Music Theory is Endorsed by Victoria College of Music Examination Board!

All-In-One Music Theory is Endorsed by Victoria College of Music Examination Board!

‘Best music theory book’ say Victoria College of Music

The last few months have been an exciting time for us at Aaron publications. For a long time now I have been eagerly anticipating announcing the news that my All-In-One music theory books have been endorsed by Victoria College of Music Examination Board.

What does ‘Endorsed’ mean? Quite simply, it means that Victoria College of Music Examination Board (VCM for short) have adopted my books for use with their students. They have given me their seal of approval, stating that, in their opinion, ‘All-In-One music theory’ books are the best material to equip musicians with the theoretical knowledge they require (VCM require candidates to hold Grade IV Theory or GCSE in Music to take Grade 8 practical on their chosen instrument. To read my blog about the importance of music theory and why it is important all musicians know it, click here). Moreover VCM examination board have designed their new music theory syllabus (Grades 1-5) around my All-In-One music theory books and are rewriting parts of their examination papers which means that my books can remain as they are with minimal changes required.  It is a tremendous honour to have an examination board choose to use my material in preference to writing their own.


VCM are an independent and international examining body in Music, Speech and Drama that has existed since 1890. They operate throughout the UK, various Commonwealth and a handful of other countries. As an independent examination board whose existence does not depend upon public funds, they are in the unique position of being unfettered by restrictions and thus ‘enabled…to respond to the needs of teachers and candidates in flexible ways’ (quoted from VCM’s own website Victoria College state on the Home page of their website ; ‘We have one aim above all others and that is TO ENCOURAGE.’  They also state; VCM advice is to enjoy examinations in Music, Speech and Drama for what they are: a yardstick to measure progress; encouraging candidates to further achievement, and supporting teachers in the independent sector’.

It is a privilege to be working in partnership with an examination board whose values I respect and which is flexible in its approach as well as accommodating and quick to respond to student and teacher needs.

For several months emails have been shooting backwards and forwards between myself and Stewart Thompson, Qualifications Manager at VCM, and I have had fun and satisfaction helping VCM ensure their new music theory syllabus works well with All-In-One music theory books.

What changes are being made and when will the new VCM syllabus be available?

Details about the new music theory syllabus will be announced by Victoria College Examination Board very shortly [Latest update; now expected June/July, 2018. We regret the slight delay!] and we will keep you informed regarding when the new examination papers will be ready. We will coordinate our efforts with VCM and all print runs of All-In-One music theory which take place after the new syllabus has been announced, will feature the ‘VCM Graded Checklist’ (it may initially be available as a download from this website, which will also benefit students who have bought previous versions of the book/s).

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Please also see Victoria College of Music website ( ) or  Facebook  (  ) or  Twitter  ( where Victoria College of Music have recently posted announcements about our new partnership. More information, including a blog from VCM, will be posted shortly.


Kind regards, Rachel Billings


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