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Victoria College of Music Theory (2020) syllabus and practice papers now available

Victoria College Of Music Theory Syllabus (2020) and Practice Papers Now Available



December 2019 sees the publication of Victoria College of Music new Music Theory syllabus for First Steps to Grade V, which I have had the privilege of designing so that it fits in well with my All-In-One Music Theory books (the first exam session commences in Spring 2020) . I have been delighted to work in collaboration with Victoria College of Music Examination board and that my music theory books have been endorsed by them as ‘Best Music Theory’.
The new music theory syllabus is available as a download from Victoria College of music’s website at Alternatively it can be viewed as a ‘Graded Checklist’ within All-In-One Music Theory books.

Photograph of ‘GRADED CHECKLIST: VICTORIA COLLEGE OF MUSIC’ (from All-In-One to Grade 5 – Revised Third Edition)

Please note that the Revised Third edition of All-In-one to Grade 5 and All-In-One: Grades 1-3 book ARE now available from our website at Please be aware that if you wish to receive this very latest version of All-In-One to Grade 5 you should request it in the comment box at checkout or via a quick email to us at (otherwise you risk getting the non-revised third edition because we still have some of the ‘old/current’ stock to use up).  Victoria College of Music (VCM) students require the ‘Revised’ third version due to an alteration made to one exercise in the book so that it corresponds with VCM key signature requirements. Also, importantly, the All-In-One books contain a Victoria College of Music Graded Checklist which is essential for VCM students for ease of navigation).

Practice papers for each Grade are available here:

First Steps Music Theory Practice (VCM) FREE
Grade I Music theory Practice (VCM) FREE

Grade II Music Theory Practice Paper A (VCM) FREE
Grade II Music Theory Practice Papers B and C  (click to view only or £1.99 to purchase)

Grade III Music Theory Practice (VCM)  (click to view only or £1.99 to purchase)

Grade IV Music Theory Practice (VCM) (click to view only or £2.99 to purchase)

Grade V Music Theory Practice (VCM) (click to view only or £2.99 to purchase)

This is material written by myself (as part of the process of devising the new syllabus) which now can be viewed on this website as ‘Extra Practice’ material, to supplement the many exercises already found within the All-In-One Music theory books. These papers are intended to give students an idea of the contents of the new grades, as the syllabus sets forth. Please send us a message ( if you have questions. Please note that my practice papers are not exam papers and bear no resemblance to Victoria College of music examination papers, which are not written by me and for which I am not responsible. To request exam papers, written entirely by Victoria College of Music you should contact VCM exam board

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