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Online Piano and/or Music Theory Lessons with Rachel BIllings, Warwickshire

Online Piano and/or Music Theory Lessons with Rachel Billings, Warwickshire

Rachel has revamped her teaching setup, making it ideal for online lessons. Using the latest technology Rachel provides the most realistic (teacher-in-the-room) experience that it is possible to achieve online. Lessons are via  (please contact Harry Nowakowski at for more info) or alternatively Rachel can be contacted using the contact form on this website (or

Four camera angles (and ‘picture within picture’ option) means that, at a flick of a switch, Rachel can easily demonstrate single close-ups or multi-shot views of anything necessary to show you (side view, overhead of keyboard, sheet music view and pedal camera). Quality microphones for good audio.
All you need on your side is…
* A good internet connection
* Zoom (due to their option to configure audio for music/enable original sound feature).
* One laptop and/or ipad set up in a good location (preferably on a stand to your right side angled slightly down at the keyboard so that Rachel can see both hands as well as your side view) 1 See Footnote

Example of what you see your screen…

1) Side view of piano with ‘picture within picture’ of pedal [top left]
2) Score on ipad
(on which Rachel can zoom in, write on the score using an ‘Apple-pen’, and changes can be seen by the student in real time)

3) Close up of pedal

4) Keyboard overhead

1 For an even more realistic experience it is strongly recommended that you also have a second device- an ipad – placed on your music stand, from which to read the music, on which you have a Newzik account (the basic version titled ‘Newzik essentials’ – for just a small fee for a lifetime use) . For the cost of a few pounds it really is worth it: All Rachel’s current online students use Newzik which makes online collaboration easy and quick (without it, you will be able to see Rachel’s score on your screen however any markings will unfortunately not be transferred to your score therefore you will have to write them in by hand on your side, dictated by the teacher, which is time consuming). Also, importantly, Newzik means your work is accessible at any time by both teacher and student (arranged neatly organised in folders) which, for music theory lessons, is especially convenient for marking purposes. Rachel likes to check up on progress mid week and, if she sees that students are doing well, or perhaps they need more of a challenge, she pops in extra material in the folder inbetween lessons. Rachel also likes to write comments on work before meeting with students in their scheduled online lesson,  which therefore allows students time to ponder where they may have gone wrong (before discussion in the lesson) and ultimately  speeds up progress. Students may leave any questions in their online folder which  Rachel checks before the lesson commences and helps with lesson preparation. Newzik really is a fantastic tool and allows easy communication any time of day (or night) in written form not just the in the allotted time slot of the lesson. In the case of piano lessons (or theory lessons) simultaneous and seamless online collaboration means Rachel can write on her score and it appears in real-time on your music score/iPad and vice-versa;  almost as if Rachel was there in person, leaning over to write on your score!



Rachel Billings is a fully qualified pianist; (BMus [Hons], GRNCM, PgDIp, FVCM. For more information please see

Please enquire at

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