All-In-One Music Theory Books

All-In-One Music Theory Books

A RADICALLY NEW TEACHING APPROACH which keeps text minimal and dispenses with the usual rote learning. All-In-One music theory exposes simple rules and patterns, enabling students to work things out for themselves, providing an in depth knowledge of music theory with minimal effort. Frees up valuable lesson time for the instrumental work it supports. Includes checklists for Associated Board, Trinity College London (and Victoria College) students.

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All-In-One: Revision Booklets

(for ABRSM and Trinity College London students)

The following Revision Booklets are optional yet very useful, providing extra practice beyond the many exercises already included in the main work books (All-In-One to Grade 5/ All-In-One: Grades 1-3 /All-In-One: Grades 4-5). These Revision Booklets, unlike the other updated All-In-One books, were published before 2018, therefore the wording of  questions isn’t quite the same as those found in the current ABRSM exam papers (published January 2018). HOWEVER changes are only superficial and minor because the subject matter remains exactly the same. These test papers still retain the compositional exercises which the new exams omit, which some people may consider a bonus. BUY TWO AND GET THIRD FREE BY using voucher code GETONEFREE at checkout 

All-In-One: Practice Papers for VCM Students

The following practice papers are available as pdf downloads and help Victoria College of Music (VCM) students prepare for the new 2020 VCM Music Theory Exams.  Please select the individual grades, read the description and move your cursor over the images, to see close up detail of the pdfs themselves. These papers give students an idea of the content of each grade, as the syllabus sets forth (i.e. they show how questions ‘could’ be written in an exam ) however they are not exam papers and bear no resemblance to Victoria College of music own examination papers. To request exam papers, written entirely by Victoria College of Music you should contact VCM exam board

Practice papers for the lower grades are available free of charge by clicking on the following links:

First Steps Music Theory Practice (VCM) (Papers A & B) FREE
Grade I Music theory Practice (VCM) (Papers A & B) FREE
Grade II Music Theory Practice (VCM)  (Paper A) FREE