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This links page contains information to sites considered interesting by Aaron publications (products not related to our own).

‘Fell Runner’ is a piano solo by Anne Rees lasting just under 3 minutes – a blend of classical and folk style, for piano players of approximately grade 7 and above. It is available to buy as piano sheet music on (simply type in ‘Fell Runner – piano’).  Listen by clicking on the link below. Anne is a pianist friend of mine who studied on the same joint course between Manchester University and the Royal Northern College of Music (1998- 2001).  Anne has recently turned her attention to composing and, in my opinion, has discovered a hidden talent. The music has not been recorded in a professional studio, but nevertheless the quality I think is clear enough to appreciate the beauty of the music. Enjoy!


Click here for Anne’s Youtube channel and to hear more compositions by Anne Rees (together with some performances of other people’s work)