Online Piano and/or Music Theory Lessons with Rachel Billings

Online Piano and/or Music Theory Lessons with Rachel Billings 

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Rachel has revamped her teaching setup, making it ideal for online lessons. Using the latest technology Rachel provides the most realistic (teacher-in-the-room) experience that it is possible to achieve online…

Four synchronised camera angles
(and ‘picture within picture’ option) means that, at a flick of a switch, Rachel can easily demonstrate single close-ups or multi-shot views of anything necessary to show you (side view, overhead of keyboard, sheet music view and pedal camera). Quality microphones for good audio.

All you need on your side is…
* A good internet connection
* Zoom (available free at
* One laptop and/or ipad set up in a good location (so that Rachel can see you) 
1 See Footnote 

Example of what you see on your screen…

1) Side view of piano with ‘picture within picture’ of pedal [top left] 


2) Score on ipad
(on which Rachel can write/edit markings with ‘Apple pen’ , just as if on real paper)

3) Close up of pedal 

4) Keyboard overhead


1 For an even more realistic experience it is also recommended that you have a second device- an ipad – placed on your music stand, from which to read the music, and have a Newzik account for only £2.99 per month, however this is not essential as Rachel already also provides you with a close up view of her score (the advantage of Newzik is that it enables comments to appear on your own score in real time, almost as if Rachel was there in person, leaning over to write on your score!)