All In One Grade 2 Music Theory Revision Booklet


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Grade Two Music Theory is an easy step up from Grade One Music Theory providing plenty of practice for both Associated board and Trinity College London students. Uses similar language to past test papers. Published pre-2018 , containing  topics now omitted in the the new ABRSM music theory  syllabus (which some people may consider a bonus. See details below).

Published pre-2018 (see details below).

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All In One Grade 2 Revision Booklet

Quick Overview

All In One Grade 2 Music Theory Revision Booklet covers the basics and provides plenty of extra practice beyond that already found in All-In-One to Grade 5/ All-In-One: Grades 1-3. Covers both Associated Board and Trinity College London topics found in Grade 2 exam syllabus.

(All-In-One Series) (28 pages, paperback)


Grade 2 Music Theory is an easy step up from Grade One Music Theory. The range of notes and rhythms you’ll need to be able to understand is just a little wider. There are a handful of new time signatures, further rules about beaming tails and also rules to remember about grouping of rests. You should know a little about minor scales (either harmonic or melodic versions) and the composition question is a little bit longer. Of course there are more foreign terms to understand.

As with the other revision booklets, the four colour coded chapters are to be completed by both ABRSM and Trinity College London students whilst the Appendix is essential for Trinity College London students only (although is beneficial for any student). Topics revised in the Appendix are Transposition of Octave, Vocal Ranges, The Natural Minor Scale, Diatonic Interals, Minor 2nd, Sequences (‘real’), Broken Chords, Chord Inversions (root and first), Syncopation and Composing a melody. .

Comprehensive to the requirements of Associated Board (ABRSM) and Trinity College London music theory, grade two. Many questions (especially those in the General Exercise section) test a pupil’s comprehension of more than one topic at once and wording, wherever possible, is the same as that used by the relevant exam board so that students will feel well prepared and confident in the final stages before an exam [added note: these Revision Booklets were published before 2018, therefore the wording of  questions isn’t quite the same in a few places as those found in ABRSM exam papers printed after January 2018. Subject matter remains the same apart from the fact these test papers still retain the compositional exercises which the new exams omit].

NOTE: There is currently no Answer book available for the Revision booklets (unlike the other books in the All-In-One series, where Answers are available) . However do not be discouraged because if stuck, the author herself (Rachel Billings) will help you! If you do not have a teacher to mark your work and need just a little help completing the Revision booklets, please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel directly via the contact page .(This does not apply in the same way when purchasing other books, since answers  are are available for all other books in the series).