All-In-One Grade 4 Music Theory Revision Booklet


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Grade 4 music theory introduces the alto clef, duplets, technical note names, double sharps and flats, ornaments, voices in score and more. Provides extra practice for both Associated board and Trinity College London students using All In One music theory and supplements to past test papers. Published pre-2018 , containing  topics now omitted in the the new ABRSM music theory  syllabus (which some people may consider a bonus. See details below).

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Grade 4 Revision Booklet

Quick Overview

All-In-One Grade 4 music theory revision booklet is useful for both Associated Board and Trinity students who may require a little extra practice material in the final stages before an exam. Supplements past test papers to the 2018 (all the Revision booklets are optional because plenty of practice material can already be found All-In-One to Grade 5/ All-In-One: Grades 1-3 and All-In-One: 4-5). Covers topics found in the Grade 4 exam syllabus for both Associated Board and Trinity College London and assumes knowledge of all previous grades.

(All-In-One Series. 32 pages, paperback)


Grade 4 music theory revises the alto clef, duplets, technical note names, double sharps and flats, ornaments, voices in score and more. You will be expected to have an elementary knowledge of orchestral instruments at this stage and also to compose a rhythm to words [added note: these Revision Booklets were published before the ABRSM Revision to their syllabus in 2018 however any changes are superficial, applying mostly to the way in which questions are worded. There are no additions to the syllabus, rather omissions only, so this booklet still retain the compositional exercises which the new exams omit].

Specific Trinity College London subjects include knowledge of natural minor scales, arpeggios, broken chords and writing 4-part chords using key signatures you should know. Knowledge is also tested of labeling chords in their inversions and dominant 7th Chords (among other things).

NOTE: There is currently no Answer book available for the Revision booklets (unlike the other books in the All-In-One series, where Answers are available) . However do not be discouraged because if stuck, the author herself (Rachel Billings) will help you! If you do not have a teacher to mark your work and need just a little help completing the Revision booklets, please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel directly via the contact page . (This does not apply in the same way when purchasing other books, since answers  are are available for all other books in the series).

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