SPECIAL DEAL: TWO books, 2016 edition (only difference is it omits the VCM graded Checklist). All-In-One: Grades 1-3, All-In-One: Grades 4-5


These are 2016 edition stock (for both All-in-One Grades 1-3 and All-In-One Grade 4-5). This simply means they leave out the Victoria College of Music checklist which the most recent edition contains, therefore are suitable for ABRSM and Trinity Students only (not VCM) . This edition remains suitable for students using ABRSM syllabus since its revisions in 2018 because content is not affected (please see description below for further explanations).  Bought together, these books contain 212 more exercises than All-In-One to Grade 5 book.

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These books are the Third edition (published 2016) . The only significant difference between the Third edition and current ‘Third Revised’ edition 2018/2019, is the inclusion of the ‘Victoria College of  Music’ Graded Checklist. Also the ‘Contents pages’ of the latest (2018/2019) edition mark, in Italics, topics which are optional in the current ABRSM syllabus (see * footnote). Other wise there is no difference! These books therefore remain relevant to the current syllabus and are a fantastic value package, especially considering that, bought together, these books contain 212 more exercises than ‘All-In-One to Grade 5’ book. The ANSWER BOOK can be purchased separately on this website (Don’t worry; the ‘Answer book – 3 REVISED edition’ is suitable for BOTH 3rd Revised and previous [non-Revised] 3rd edition [but it CANNOT be used alongside the long obsolete 1st or 2nd edition, as many exercises are different]).

(*One other change, barely worth mentioning, is a small adjustment to the layout [only] in the ‘Grouping of Rests’ pages [Grade 3], which is somewhat clearer in the 2018/2019 edition). Therefore students should not be deterred by the title of the ‘2016’ edition which remains as equally relevant for students using the ‘new’ 2018 ABRSM syllabus (which is the one still used by the exam boards today in 2023).

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All-In-One Grades 4 to 5 Music Theory

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