REVISED All-In-One Grades 1 to 3 music theory (published 2018)


Revised All-In-One Grades 1 to 3 music theory (2019)

All-In-One Grades 1 to 3 (ISBN 9780993447525) contains exactly the same material as the lower grades of All-In-One to Grade 5 Third Revised edition, with 99 extra exercises (BUY TOGETHER WITH All-In-One Grades 4 to 5 Music Theory for £3 discount at checkout using Voucher code £3DISCOUNT) Click the thumbnail image and hover your cursor above the image to enlarge it.

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Revised All-In-One Grades 1 to 3 music theory (2018)

ENDORSED as “BEST MUSIC THEORY” by Victoria College of Music.


All-In-One: Grades 1-3 is a concise, yet fully comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of music theory from beginner to Grade 5 for Associated Board (ABRSM), Trinity College London (Trinity) and Victoria College of Music students (VCM). This book, published August 2018/2019, is fully up to date with current ABRSM syllabus revisions (2018) and based on the latest Third Revised Third edition of All-On-One to Grade 5 – beginner to grade 5 which was published around the same time. ENDORSED as “BEST MUSIC THEORY” by Victoria College of Music. It contains all the same material as the lower grades (1-3) in the Grades 1-5  book, plus 99 EXTRA exercises throughout (see footnote*) in areas which often require most practice (also see All-In-One Grades 4 to 5 Music Theory Bought together, these books contain 212 extra exercise compared to All-In-One to Grade 5   £3 Discount when buying BOTH All-In-One :Grades 1-3 and All-In-One Grades 4-5 APPLY VOUCHER CODE £3DISCOUNT at checkout).

  • VISUAL – easy to learn and remember. Most illustrations reinforce concepts learnt rather than being merely decorative
  • INTEGRATED…yet progressive, exploring patterns across the grades ‘All-In-One…is presented quite differently from most other theory books…an integrated scheme of work…as opposed to small chunks of info which will hopefully click together like lego bricks’ Rhinegold
  • COMPREHENSIVE AND IN DEPTH (‘extremely thorough’ EPTA) with graded checklists for both ABRSM and Trinity College London students.

    …also FUN containing highly original games which appeal to students of every age.

A RADICALLY NEW APPROACH proven highly effective and memorable, devised by Rachel Billings. The author’s method exposes simple and underlying rules and patterns of music theory, enabling students to work things out for themselves and arises from the conviction that a pupil gains satisfaction and enjoyment from their work if they understand ‘why’  (not just ‘what’) rules and conventions exist. Text is kept minimal and alternates with work sheets and plenty of exercises/revision material to test understanding (beware of some other multi-grade books which do not have exercises). Illustrations are helpful, not merely decorative, therefore it is a book to be enjoyed by students of any age and will free up valuable lesson time for the instrumental work it supports (“Always concise” yet “Extremely thorough” say Rhinegold Music Teacher magazine, the UK’s leading resource for music education). Aim for comprehension and speed comes naturally as a by-product, largely because this book avoids the traditional, time-consuming rote learning. See the Review page to read what the professionals themselves have to say about All-In-One to Grade 5.

Knowledge of music theory is essential for any instrumentalist (with good reason the ABRSM will not permit anyone to take a practical exam on their chosen instrument past intermediate level, unless they first have Grade 5 music theory).  Click here to read about the importance of learning music theory.

*99 Extra Exercises is the sum total of 75 exercises from the ‘Trinity Supplement booklet’ (found in the appendix), PLUS 24 extra exercises throughout which are beneficial for students of any examination board (Trinity Students who own All-In-One; Grades 1-3 do NOT need to buy any further material, unlike students purchasing All-In-One to Grade 5 who need to purchase the Trinity Supplement booklet seperately).


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