Book carrier – logo designed by author (free if buying certain combinations of books. Click for info).



Book carrier available in a choice of colours. £3.49 EACH. Please state the colour you require in the comment box at checkout (girl not for sale!)




Book carrier music theory


Book carrier, ideal for school and music lessons with logo designed by Rachel Billings. Available in Royal blue, Emerald Green, Maroon, Dark Green, Red and Navy (even though navy is not in the picture we do have it in stock). Author’s signature can be written on the back upon request!

Please state which colour/s you want  in the comment box at checkout (if you select ‘1’, one book carrier will be delivered, not all five!). The image of the keyboard on the stave is drawn by, Rachel Billings, and is based on the keyboard design found in Chapter  Three (‘ Tonality’) in the All-In-One music theory books.

SPECIAL DEAL: RECEIVE ONE FREE BOOK CARRIER WHEN YOU BUY any of the following combination of books…
1) ‘All-In-One to Grade 5’ and the Trinity Supplement  and Answer Booklet and all five Graded Revision booklets
2) ‘All-In-One: Grades 1-3’  and ‘All-In-One Grades 4-5’* and Answer Booklet and all five Graded Revision booklets).

*  Trinity Students do not require the Trinity Supplement if purchasing All-In-One Grades 1-3 and ‘All-In-One: Grades 4-5’ because the same material is included in the Appendices of these books.

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