CLEARANCE PRICE – On Old stock (includes 212 extra exercises AND Answer book)

£25.97 £15.00

These are old stock (Third edition rather than REVISED Third edition). INCLUDES ANSWER BOOK  (so you receive three books in total). Bought together, these books contain 212 more exercises than All-In-One to Grade 5 book.



These are the third edition (published 2016), NOT the revised edition (published 2019). We have a few remaining old edition books which we are selling at substantially discounted prices because they have been superseded by current editions.We are selling these two books only together with the corresponding Answer book, so as to clear corresponding stock (therefore you receive three books in total)…

All-In-One Answer Book Grades 1 to 5


The main difference between these books and the Revised Third edition is that they do not contain the Victoria College of music Graded Checklist, which will not be a problem to most students. The only other differences are in terms of layout in the Grouping of Rests papers (the Revised version feels a little less cluttered because its content spread is out, due to insertion of an extra page), also the Graded Checklists are somewhat easier to navigate in the Revised edition. All other aspects of the books remain the same and the subject matter is no different. Therefore if you don’t mind these small differences, which matter little to most students, this is a fantastic value package.




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